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Get to know: Zoey Dodson

Have you ever met someone that stepped into a room and the entire room

changed. That is Zoey, she is only 5 years old. Light brown hair and big blue eyes, and a

smile that could change anyone attitude and eyes that look into your soul. She not only

beautiful on outside but the inside. Zoey is way beyond her age. She sees only positive in

people and has so much empathy for others. Zoey also is very strong willed and ask

millions of questions until she finds the answers. Unfortunately she is a perfectionist

which makes it difficult for all of us.

Zoey has been dancing since age 3 and grown into having a love for it. This is

the first year she has started competitive dance. She does tap, jazz and ballet and also

gymnastics. She started modeling this year and while doing her first photo shoot with

Sonja Wiseman she found a passion in photography. She takes her dolls and changes

them into different outfits and moves them in every room in the house to take there

photos. She puts the dolls on her stage where she loves to sing and pretend they are on

the runway modeling clothes. She does there hair and make up and insist on taking them shopping with us. She is a little fashionista for sure.

Zoey has over came a lot this year from being scared of doing things in front of people to owning the room. I'm so very proud of this little girl who has big dreams and a love for life and God.

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