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How can we save planet earth?

We all know we live in a planet with all kinds of nature beauties, such as beaches, caves, volcanoes,

mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and so much more. There is, for example, the Iguazu Falls, waterfalls

of the Iguazu river located in both Brazil and Argentina. The view there is so beautiful it makes you

realize how truly lucky we are to be on this planet. But unfortunately it is no longer a secret that the

human race is destroying most of these nature beauties and this has a huge impact on us. The fresh

water is slowly ending (for some countries faster than others), pollution seems to be only increasing,

our forests are dying as well as some species of animals and, soon enough, there won't be a lot of

beautiful and natural things to look at.

So, the question is, how can we help? How can we save planet earth? Well, there are many small

things that can be done that will have a huge impact on our planet. We can, for example, conserve

water, which means we don't need to take a 45-minute shower. We can do it in 5 or 10 minutes.

We can also turn off the tap while we're brushing our teeth, go play outside and turn off the lights

during the day in order to use less electricity, plant a tree... We should stop wasting things like food

and papers too. Recycle is also very important. But above all, we have to always respect animals,

plants and people, because we are all alive and every single living being are just trying to stay alive

and enjoy this wonderful world of ours.

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