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Hi, my name’s Rachel Fiona Gilchrist and I’m a 12 year old model, actor, dance and singer from Scotland. My work includes a supporting role in the series Case Files and a charity gala in London’s West End, and most recently I had the opportunity to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week.

I had a fantastic time there Dixie Magazine. I was lucky enough to be selected to walk in two shows for Wonderland Childrenswear at Walk Fashion Show New York Fashion Week Edition. I loved the outfits that were selected for me; they were really stylish and pretty but also very comfortable and easy to wear.

The first show was the Walk University Children’s Showcase so all the models were kids/teens. It was really fun to chat to the other models backstage and see all the different designer styles before doing the show. I loved getting hair and make-up done with my new friends. Because it was a children’s showcase the hair and make-up was really fresh and young. I love to model and enjoyed every second on the catwalk. When the show was over I couldn’t wait to do it again!

The next show was the Emerging Designer’s Show. There were a lot more designers and models so it was a much bigger show. My hair and make-up was more sophisticated which I loved as it was so different to my usual hairstyles. This show was even more exciting for me as I got to open for the Wonderland segment, especially as they were the only children’s wear being showcased. My favorite part of the show was walking with the designer at the end. That was a really special moment for me.

“Walking at New York Fashion Week was the best modelling experience I have had!”

As well as modelling I act and dance and have appeared in a number of stage shows, short films and commercials. When I am in New York I love to train with A Class Act New York Acting Studio who do amazing classes and workshops. It is great for me to work with American actors as it really helps me prefect my American accent. On this visit I also had a dance lesson with Halle Morse at the Ripley-Grier Studios. That was so much fun!

I am lucky that with my performing I travel a lot! I live in Scotland but have had opportunities in England (especially London), New York and Los Angeles as well. It’s so great to work with so many different people and make performing friends all over the world.

I am very honored and proud to be a Dixie Brand Ambassador. Dixie was one of the first magazine’s I was published in and I have always loved its young and fresh feel. It’s a great magazine for young models and performers and I really enjoy reading the articles about other performers and seeing the editorials. The styles showcased are always young, fun and wearable! I have been delighted to introduce Dixie to my performer friends and it’s been great to see some of them being showcased in recent magazines. I am looking forward to doing more to increase the profile of Dixie Magazine and excited to work with more designers on their behalf.

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