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Inside the Club House LA

Vanessa Quintana the creator and founder of The Clubhouse LA had a vision to be able to create a fun creative space for kids between the ages of 6-15 that are inclined with music, dance, art, and fashion. The number one objective of The Clubhouse is for kids to have a place where they can freely express themselves without judgement. It’s a place where they can meet and interact with other kids that have similar interests. Every Clubhouse event has a new theme and location, but the one thing that remains the same is the pure fun of music, dance and entertainment. Each event consists of a red carpet entrance ,Kid interviewers, photo booth, kid Djs, special guest performers, artists and more. Most recently The Clubhouse featured performances by 1st place winners on world of dance, The Lab! and

Sony Music Recording Artist Becky G, and Roshon from Disney.

The Clubhouse also has exclusive birthday packages where you can book A VIP experience to celebrate your birthday at the clubhouse. With that experience it comes with a VIP section for you and a few friends, favorite snacks, goodie bags, candy, glow in the dark props, apple cider bottle brought to your table with sparklers and you get a birthday cake along with the whole club to sing Happy Birthday to you. Just recently

The Clubhouse was featured on awesomenessTV for a four episode segment "its my party" with Alexa which gives you an inside feel of the ultimate experience. check it out!

Stay tuned for the next clubhouse event on April 6th 2019. Follow @theclubhousela on Instagram for further details or check out the website

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