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Inside Mini Mode #LFKW

Written by Rachel Fiona Gilchrist

Images by Anna Clare Photography

This month saw the 4 th season of Mini Mode – London Kids Fashion Week and Dixie Magazine was a key sponsor of the event. The event comprised of three shows over a weekend; an industry show and two consumer shows open to the public. We were there on the red carpet interviewing the guests, designers and models and seeing some amazing kid’s fashion. Mini mode is the creation of Amanda Rabor, a childrenswear designer, who wanted to create something special for the UK children’s fashion industry but also for the consumer to be able to buy looks direct from the catwalk. Her vision was to empower children and promote inclusivity for all. The models at mini mode cut across a wide range of age, height, colour, look, abilities and personal qualities with each one bringing something different, engaging and delightful to the runway.

The Industry show on 13 th September saw an array of celebrities in attendance. Everyone we spoke to was really excited for the event. Aston Merrygold (musician and TV personality) was with his fiancé Sarah Richards and their son, Grayson Jax and told us ‘my favourite thing about London Fashion Week is the inspiration you get. I’m excited to see anything we think can work for the little man.’ JB Gill (TV Presenter, Singer and Farmer), attending the event with his wife Chloe, son Ace and daughter Chiara, said ‘This is the first time we have taken in a show for the kids. Our boy has been doing some things so it was nice to come with him. He got the invitation not me so he is moving up in the world. I’m his plus one! We are looking forward to all the collections and seeing what Ace’s take is on them.’

Gillian McKeith (TV Presenter, nutritionist and writer) echoed the inclusivity of London Fashion week, ‘My favourite thing about fashion week is that you can wear whatever you want; nobody cares. You can be as outlandish and creative as you want.’ She went on to say she loves how London fashion week and fashion in general is becoming more inclusive with people of all shapes, sizes and ages taking to the runway. Gillian had walked in a show last year, something she said would have never happened in the past.

The industry event was presented by Afton McKeith, accomplished personal trainer and yoga instructor who showcased a collection herself at London Fashion Week 2018. She was very excited to present the event and said ‘having had a sneak peek at the collections backstage they are all amazing, cool, chic and fun for kids!’. The consumer shows were presented by, and included entertainment by, some exceptionally talented young people. 5 year old Emel opened the show with a beautiful acapella version of ‘Over The Rainbow’ then went on to model in the shows. Rosie McClelland also gave an amazing vocal performance to entertain the audience. Some of the young models spoke to us on the red carpet and they were all enjoying every minute of their time with Mini Mode and it certainly seemed to be a really positive experience for them.

All three shows presented collections by 15 designers from the UK, US, Canada, South Korea, Austria, France, Kuwait, Latvia, Denmark and Turkey, making it a real global event. The designers were supported with accessories from Lorna Murray and the award winning ZooBug London sunglasses. BeBeBeBe from Korea showed a great collection with unique detail and original design. Many of their pieces were in really fun, bold print. Little People London presented a very cool collection with an adult style and urban edge. Me In Wein from Austria displayed a loose fitting collection of unisex designs in muted colours and fine detail. Creative Mindz from Kuwait presented boho chic designs in bold colours. Molo from Denmark is all about making quirky and unique designs and this was evident in the prints on the pieces showcased. Rock and Mouse showcased their handmade collection of statement print pieces. Included in their collection was some matching mum and baby wear worn by the youngest model of the event in his mum’s arms!

IScream Uk showcased their stunning collection for 5 to 14 year olds. There was a lovely oriental feel to this collection and it was uniquely presented with each model holding some flowers. Kicomo by Kiara also showcased in a very unique way with all models walking barefoot and the girls havingribbons around their ankles. This set off a very distinctive collection of bold coloured pieces, with angular lines and strong headwear. Oscar Et Valentine from Paris presented a Kashmere collection for Babies and Children in beautiful soft colours and comfortable but chic designs. BillieBlush from France showcased a themed collection of premier styling for special occasions with a quirky difference.

Carrement Beau presented their designs for girls and boys with a definite French feel to the whole collection. Melis Kaptanoglu presented stunning evening and party wear for 1 to 12 year olds. This collection was set off with beautiful matching headdresses and reflected all the glamour of the stylish five star resorts in Turkey. The Moka Collection from Canada also presented a range of elegant childrenswear in muted tones but with stand-out prints and attention to detail. Moka dressed Ace and Chiara Gill for the event and they seemed to enjoy seeing the rest of the collection from their front row seats. Riviera Kids presented some super-cute swimwear in bright bold colours designed to bring out confidence. This was a striking collection of one and two piece designs, with a long sleeved swimsuit being a stand out look.

One of the most anticipated collections from the attendees we spoke to was My K Clothing for Mothercare. Leanne Brown (TV Personality, clothing designer and philanthropist) attending with her 3 daughters said ‘I love dressing them (her daughters) and I am really looking forward to seeing Myleen Klass’ collection for my youngest daughter. I like how it is bold and I like the captions.’ Jessica Cunningham (model and businesswoman) also said ‘I love the children’s shows and I’m really looking forward to seeing Myleen Klass’ collection.’ Lois Bowden (The Bachelor contestant) also said she was excited to see the Mothercare collection.

We spoke to Myleen, with 6 week old baby Apollo, on the red carpet about her collection. ‘My favourite thing about London fashion week is exhibiting at kids fashion week. I never envisaged that happening when I started 13 years ago with Mothercare and My K, or Baby K as it was then. I like that I can actually make the clothes that I want to see my baby in. I didn’t know when I started that he (Apollo) would be wearing it but I knew my daughter Ava would and then Hero, my middle daughter. That all three of my children are wearing designs I have created is just lovely.’

The My K collection did not disappoint with amazing monochrome statement pieces coupled with animal print and a mustard colour for the new season. Each piece looked contemporary and edgy yet really comfortable. It was great to see Myleen enjoying her collection from the audience and walking with all her models in the finale; all while cradling gorgeous baby Apollo. Mini Mode was a major success and showcased some of the best of children’s fashion from around the world. Each designer was represented by such a diverse range of kids and certainly proved that great kids fashion is most definitely for everyone.

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