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Meet Brand Rep Taylor Carby

Taylor is represented by two agencies, one in San Diego and one in Los Angeles, California. Her San Diego rep is Shamon Freitas and her Los Angeles rep is Paloma model and talent. Her recent acting/modeling experience includes a film (not yet released) titled “From Dark Eyes to Winters Eternity.” She prefers acting to modeling but loves both especially when she gets to model toys since she often gets to keep them and of course she loves playing with them! Taylor loves to read and she started a book club at the beginning of quarantine and she leads zooms weekly. It has gained so much popularity that she now has a 2nd grader from every class in the whole school! Aside from reading Taylor enjoys swimming, surfing, kayaking, soccer and basketball. Taylor’s first commercial was dancing in diapers for honest company. Just google “all about that bass honest company.”

Taylor is one of three girls selected to be 2020 Dixie Magazine & The Dixie Closet boutique brand reps.

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