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Meet Rising Star Contest Winner: Gabbi Diaz

Gabriella, also known as Gabbi, is an 11-year-old actor and model from Brooklyn, New York. She started modeling professionally in 2008 and has already built an impressive resume. The talented beauty has graced the runway at New York Fashion Week for the past couple years, walking for not only American designers but also for international brands including Cabriolle Couture and most recently for the European line Rock N’ Mouse. But participating in multiple seasons of one of the world’s most prestigius fashion events is not the only impressive thing on her resume. Gabbi has also appeared in some of the biggest shows on television like Orange Is The New Black, Elementary and New Amsterdam. For someone so young, she had already done quite a lot.

It was based on all of her amazing achievements in the industry and the adorable pictures submitted, that Gabbi was chosen amongts thirty other talented kids as the winner of this issue’s Rising Star contest, receiving not only a spread in this month’s issue but also a $100 dollar Visa Gift card. We interviewed the mighty New Yorker the she gave us a glimpse into her life and her aspirations for the future. Take a look.

When did your start acting and modeling? I started acting and modeling at the age of three in front of my parents. I created my own plays from the books I read in pre-school. I also very much enjoyed modeling different outfits. My parents were supportive back then and continue to be supportive of my interest in these areas.

What’s your favorite thing about each one? It’s impossible for me to pick! I love everything about each. Each one of them brings out the best in me.

Can you tell us a bit more about your career? I was approached by Barbizon to attend their modeling school, which I did and graduated. It was a wonderful learing experience. Ever since then I’ve been modeling and taking part in background work in commercials and TV shows. I was also selected to be part of a acting, singing and dancing school in Manhattan.

Do you have any hobbies outside modeling and acting? I have many hobbies which range from drawing, writing, dancing, coding. and programming (yes, enjoy I doing these!), and many various sports but my favorite is karate.

What’s your favorite job you have ever done? Wonderland Childrenswear will always be close to my heart, as it was my first experience officially modeling. I loved the experience and how amazing the designer and staff made me feel. It was a wonderful show with beautiful clothes and great models.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years, I see myself being on a TV show, it may be my own show, or it may be part of one, but I definitely see myself on a TV show. I also see myself in the high fashion world traveling to different countries. I am looking forward to all of this!

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