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Rising Star: Bella Blanding

Images by Ava Cantrell Photography

Interview by Norma Medina

Bella is an active 11 year old dancer, actress and model. She started her journey in mommy and me classes around the age of 20 months. At 3 her dance teacher noticed her flexibility and natural love for dancing and invited her to be on a performance team.  It was apparent she loved being on stage and performing and had so much joy doing it. At 5 years old she joined her first dance competition team and continued on dancing in groups, solos, and duos/trios where she had many first place and special awards. At 6 years old she was invited to be in a pageant for Miss California. This was such an amazing experience and would recommend it for any young girl. It taught self confidence, ability to speak in public,

interview skills etc. She ended up placing in the top 10 and winning the talent and modeling competitions.  Both dancing

and pageants have helped her with confidence, poise, adapting to different environments and working with others.....all skills that have served her on her acting journey  

At 7 years old she signed with an agent and at her second audition she booked her first acting job! A national commercial

= for Amazon. She has since done some fun commercials including Mcdonalds, Old Navy, Kaiser and has moved onto theatrical jobs. Her most recent job was for an upcoming film called Keep Moving the Movie where she had a small role and was also able to dance. Last year before covid she played Young Nora in the Wilds which was filmed in beautiful New Zealand. She keeps busy these days with homeschool., acting, singing and dancing lessons and auditions to fill her week.  She loves to cook and loves all animals but especially dogs. She has a passion for the environment and our oceans and would someday love to use her voice more to help that cause. She likes to write and film her own mini movies with her friends and when she grows up she wants to be an actress and possibly a director/creator herself.  

What is your favorite commercial you have been in so far? 

My favorite commercial was for an Old Navy Christmas commercial because I got to be in a real live gingerbread house......we could actually eat some of the candies off of it. There was also a baby goat on set. It was so cute, and I got to meet and work with Caleb Mclaughlin who is on one of my favorite shows, Stranger Things. And last, but definitely not least I got to dance!

What do you prefer the most? dancing, acting, or modeling? 

That’s a really hard one, my first love has always been dancing but now that I am older, acting is becoming more and more of what I love to do. The best job would combine all 3 of these together!

What was your favorite part about working on a movie? 

I loved working and hanging out with the other cast members. Also, each job I learn more and more about how everything works and get more and more comfortable each time. I would love to maybe someday direct my own movie and I love having the opportunity to learn more and more with each job. 

Who is your favorite tik toker at the moment?

Annaxsitar because I love how she tries all the different Starbucks drinks and she’s really funny! 

If you had to pick one game on roblox to play for the rest of your life, which game would it be? 

I have actually never played roblox lol. Maybe I should try it! 

What is your dream pet?

A monkey because they are so cute, smart and funny! We could even eat together! I don’t think we are allowed to own monkeys but would love to at least be friends with one!


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