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The Mind Behind Ys Clothier

Young Socialites Clothier is a American inspired trendy clothing line for girls and boys ages 4-16. Reimagining kids fashion by creating fun, stylish clothing with an unique urban detail. YS Clothier brand founder Naima Melonson having a love for fashion since childhood created her own lane within the fashion world. Owner of numerous clothing boutiques for over 20 years eventually branching off to designing children’s apparel. Making a name for the brand by creating and showing

the brand in fashion projects throughout the world. Products ranging from tops, bottoms skirts, dresses, and rompers are produced in small batches. Her path is to empower children of all ages to have fun with fashion while building self esteem.

We had the pleasure of interviewing YS founder, Naima. Take a look on what we learn about her and the brand.

How did you start in the industry?

At a very young age I’ve always loved clothing. I use to host fashion events for our block’s club parties and I also studied

fashion design in high school. At 18 I started working in retail to eventually and owning several clothing boutiques at the age 22.

When did you decide to start creating clothing for kids?

I remember visiting the Magic Tradeshow when I owned my boutiques and was always interested in learning about children’s clothing. Eventually I open a children’s boutique and having 3 daughters of my own really inspired me to start designing.

What’s the inspiration behind YS Clothier?

Since I grew up inner city I love urban wear but also enjoy luxury brands. So I try to incorporate both genres of style to create YS. The looks are to cater to children who wants to wear designs that are urban chic and I try to crates pieces

that are adult inspired but still suitable for a child to wear

How did you chose the name?

I also host children events and was planning to have a huge kids party and needed a trendy name to describe children who like to have fun and love to party, “The Cool Kids” so Young Socialites just came to me in my sleep. I added the clothier to it so it can be identified as a clothing brand.

What are your goals for the future and where do you want to see the brand in 10 years?

My goal is for Young Socialites Clothier to be know as an established retail brand. I’m currently working on mass

production and putting YS in numerous retail storefronts.

Do you look up to anyone in the fashion industry?

I really don’t have anyone in particular the that I look up to but I am inspired by several well known designers.

What are you favorite styles of clothing?

I love all styles of dresses, skirts and pant sets. But my most favorite ones are the high-low style dresses and skirts.

Any advice for kids who want to one day create their own brand?

I would advise kids who want to create their own brand to pay attention to current fashion, but also remember that it’s their vision and ideas that makes their brand unique.

What’s your favorite thing about being a clothing designer?

One of my favorite things is the fact that you can be super creative and make your own rules when it comes to your ideas.

Where can we find Young Socialites Clothier?

Images by Chase Callum

Model: Dixie Ambassador Peyton


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