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Meet Harper

Get to know the Arizona based child model and actress playing “Lulu in the Nation Tour of the Broadway Musical Waitress!

Since birth, Harper has watched her older brother follow his dreams to be an actor. She is extremely curios and competitive which, at 4 years old, has landed her in the shared role of LULU in the Tempe AZ shows for the National Broadway tour of "Waitress". In each new city the tour holds auditions for their LULU's. Harper and her mom are grateful to be a part of a wonderful acting community in Phoenix, because several friends reach out almost immediately to tell them how perfect Harper would be for the role! Taking their advice, Harper's mother secured her audition spot, along with about 60 or so girls, and crossed her fingers!

Needless to say, everyone was very excited when she was featured on the local news, to announce that she was 1 of the 2 girls to win the role of LULU. Harper has been featured in print ads and has had a small role in the feature film "Water", due out Halloween. She has enjoyed taking dance for the last 2 years and has recently started acting classes at LA Acting Academy in Phoenix. Harper also loves swimming, singing, and spending time outdoors with her family.

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