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Growing Up On Dixie: Meet TJ Edwards

Editorial by Valluv Creation

Produced by Seanyc Agency

Suit: Wonderland Childrenswear

Make-Up: Luis

Model: TJ Edwards


My name is TJ Edwards, I'm 18 years old from Alexandria, VA and I started modeling when I was 15 in my sophomore year of high school. My favorite thing about it is I can just be myself. My best industry experience was the first fashion show when I got to walk out with the adults and not in the kids section. Actors I look up to are Johnny Depp cause he brings his character to life plus the added comedy and Dwayne johnson cause he knows how to carry himself and he keeps working on himself. In my free time, I like to work out and relax when I'm not doing work. My favorite subject in school might be English because I have a good imagination. Someone I wanna work with is maybe Nike or Jordan because they are my favorite brands. Three things I can live without are my family, shoes, and games.

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